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Explore exciting new home investment opportunities.

We offer innovative options of investing in rental homes, display homes, or Home and Land Packages, designed to suit your needs and goals.

With a strong focus on quality construction, design excellence, and outstanding customer service, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional properties that offer both long-term value and high returns on investment.

For more details on the best investment option for you, contact Gordon Sanson on 027 513 0323 or email .


Rental Properties

Whether you are looking to add an income earning property to your land or a stand alone rental property investment, we can create the solution that best meets your investment goals.

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Show Home

Through a fully funded or leveraged investment in a show home you will receive a regular lease income for a fixed period plus the potential of a capital gain.


Home and Land Packages

Achieve a good investment return by funding a Home and Land package until it is sold.

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