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Here at Homeworx , we believe that the key to building a home that looks good and stands the test of time is excellent design and using quality materials. Therefore, we offer you a comparatively higher standard of specifications on your build. Where other building companies charge extra for these quality products, we include them in our quotes. So, you know that when you build with us, you will not have to pay additional costs for better quality.

We are going to be taking a look at some of the materials and products we use that make Homeworx homes a cut above the rest.

Recessed LED Lights
Recessed Leds


We use LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting because it is the way of the future. The technology in this type of lighting means you will be changing your light bulbs less and saving more on your power bills.

Why LEDs?

LED lighting is far superior to incandescent or CFL lights for many reasons. Firstly, they are much more energy-efficient. Sure, the upfront cost of an LED is more than incandescent or CFL, but the running cost will soon offset that initial price difference. It essentially pays for itself in energy savings.

The light to heat ratio is more effective. Where a traditional light bulb produces 90% heat and 10% light, LEDs produce 80% light and 20% heat — all the while using significantly less energy to do so.

They are better for the environment. Using LEDs will reduce your CO₂ emissions by more than half compared with a standard incandescent bulb. Furthermore, because of the long lifespan of LEDs, less waste will be going into landfill as a result of needing fewer.

Why recessed?

Now you know why you should be using LED’s; but why recessed? Well, recessed lights look good. They are cleanly tucked away into the ceiling and therefore give your ceiling a crisp, polished look.

Homeworx Design and Build New House
Continuous gutters


Where traditional gutters have seams, which connect one section of gutter to the next; continuous gutters are made from one seamless piece of metal, meaning nothing can escape through gaps in the seams. They are generally produced on-site, precisely to the measurements of your house.

Why are continuous gutters better?

The best feature of a continuous gutter is that no seams = no leaks. When you’ve had a beautiful new home built the last thing you want is for your gutters to leak, and cause damage to the exterior cladding. Continuous gutters prevent this from happening as they have no seams through which water can leak.

Furthermore, they look better. Continuous guttering produces a clean, sharp outline making your house look tidy and polished. What’s more, they are made on-site so are custom made exactly for your home.

Laminate Flooring
Quick-Step Laminate Flooring
Laminate flooring


We use laminate flooring in many of our homes because it is stylish, durable and comes in a wide range of different colours and designs. Laminate flooring is low-maintenance and easy to install, lasting a long time.

Laminate flooring consists of four layers...

1. This is the coating that protects the layer below it. It provides resistance to fading, staining, water, and wear. It is also relatively more resistant to scratches than other floorings.

2. This is the design layer which is a high-resolution print of, most commonly, wood, stone or tiles. There are many variations to choose from.

3. This layer is an HDF, or High-Density Fibreboard; it is a man-made product composed of wood fibres. It is incredibly dense, thus providing strength and stability.

4. A melamine layer that provides stability and also acts as a moisture barrier from the foundation below.

Why is laminate flooring a good idea for your home?

Laminate is a very versatile product. It can suit many different spaces from rustic, classic, to ultra-modern homes. It is also a practical flooring that can handle a bit of wear and tear.

Picture Glass Splashback
Picture Glass Splashback

Picture Glass Splashback

We love picture glass splashbacks because they add personality and style to your home.

Our interior designer can help you find a picture glass splashback that compliments your tastes and style. They can add a personal, more refined, touch to your kitchen.

So, what are they?

Picture glass splashbacks are made using advanced printing technology and special primers that bond ink directly onto glass. These panes of glass are also durable, heat resistant and easy to clean, making them

well-suited for areas of frequent use, such as; kitchens, bathrooms, or laundries.

Picture glass splashbacks are customisable to your tastes and come in a range of sizes, or you can even personalize your own. As we are seeing in kitchen design today, splashbacks don’t just have to be utilitarian or for behind your range tops, they can cover large areas in your kitchen as design features. You can also install strip lighting above your splashback to complement the design.

What Picture Splashbacks offer your home?

This is a lively way of adding personality to your home in a creative way. It doesn’t have to be pictures, it can also be textures or patterns, or even just a splash of colour. They can also be sentimental, one of our clients once owned a mandarin orchard so they had a mandarin splashback installed in their kitchen. Another client loved cooking dishes from all over the world, so her splashback was made from an old-world map. These details help set your home apart from others in a unique way.

Picture glass splashback

Designer Kitchen

For many of us, the kitchen is the heart of the home. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen and if you love entertaining for family and friends it is great to have the best design and products in your new kitchen.

At Homeworx , we have our qualified interior designer who works directly with you to help you create your dream kitchen.

What makes a designer kitchen different from a standard kitchen?

The main difference between a standard and designer kitchen is that the latter is custom made to suit your needs and lifestyle. There is more scope to change different details and make your kitchen better suited to your personality and the way you want to use the space.

Standard kitchens often have base-level appliances and modular cabinetry. Since designer kitchens are customised to suit you, you can decide where you want to spend more or save on individual components.

Why you should opt for a designer kitchen.

A designer kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll end up paying more, it means you can customise rather than opting for a stock-standard design. You can work with our interior designer to find a kitchen fit for your space and your lifestyle.

Homeworx Design and Build Kitchen
Designer kitchen
Homeworx Design and Build Bathroom

Tiled Shower

We love tiled showers as they are a great way to add style and texture to your bathroom. They come in a wide array of different sizes, patterns, and colours that can complement the rest of your space. It is incredibly important that they are sealed properly, if not, leaks can occur causing mould and rot. So often this is not done properly, and leaky showers can cause havoc for homeowners.

We make sure our shower is fully waterproofed before the tiles are laid so that you can rest assured your shower will take the wear of water and shower products.

So what are your options?

Size: Tiles come in a variety of sizes. In smaller showers, large tiles can make space look bigger. 

Light or dark: Light coloured tiles are good for smaller shower spaces as they make it appear more spacious. Darker tiles are good for making space feel cosy and moody.

Variation or grain, shiny or matt: The surface finish of the tile affects how your shower will look and functionality for cleaning. 

Grout: Grout is what fills the gaps between the tiles. It comes in a variety of colours to complement or contrast your tiles.

Why it could be a good option for you.

Tiled showers give bathrooms a luxurious feel, reminiscent of a nice hotel. They also enable you to do more from a design point of view, with different colour, size, and grain options you can create the perfect combination.

Tiled Shower
Homeworx Design and Build New House
Double Glazing
Double glazing

Double Glazing

This month we shine the spotlight on argon filled, double glazing and why it is your home’s best friend.

It’s no big secret that double glazing is superior to single glazing in windows.  It provides your house with better insulation, making the inside environment much more comfortable. We are going to discuss exactly how & why it is such a champion.

What is double-glazing?

Double glazed windows have two layers of glass spaced apart by a gap containing either air or argon gas. This is then sealed, thus creating an Insulated Glazing Unit (IGU). Different arrangements of IGUs have different insulative qualities. These depend on; the emissivity of the glass used, the distance between the two panes, and the type of gas in the gap. Argon gas has stronger insulative properties than air.

Why double-glazing is a good option for your home.

It can halve the heat loss through windows in your house, making a substantial difference to your power bill. Another bonus of double-glazing is that it reduces external noise, which is handy especially on streets with lots of road or pedestrian noise.

Homeworx Design and Build New House Grey Tint Glass
Grey Tint Glass

Grey Tint Glass

This week we’re shining the spotlight on Grey Tint Glass and letting you know what its purpose is.

We often use grey tint glass because it is a better controller of solar heat than standard glass.

How tinted Glass works.

Tinted glass is produced by adding metal oxides to the glass during manufacture. There are multiple different tints you can get, and each has its characteristics. Tinting glass helps to adjust its relationship with solar heat and light, generally, by reducing glare and heat transmission.

Benefits of using a grey tint.

Grey tint glass is a better controller of solar heat than other tinted glasses. Not only does it reduce solar heat, but it also has a lower light transmission, minimising glare. This is particularly effective in Hawke’s Bay because of its high average sunshine hours and hot summers. Furthermore, grey tint glass also reduces UV rays getting through your windows, keeping you better protected. All this makes for more comfortable living.

Grey tint glass

Underfloor Insulation

This month we are taking a look at underfloor insulation and why it is essential for comfortable living and energy efficiency in New Zealand homes.

Here at New Homes Design & Build we often use RibRaft flooring because not only does it make your home more comfortable to live in, it can also increase energy efficiency, thus reducing your power bill.

So, what is RibRaft flooring?

It is a pod flooring system whereby the construction of your building sits ‘on’ the ground rather than ‘in’ the ground. Because of this, your building will be seismically strong which means it is far less susceptible to earthquake damage. The RibRaft system is comprised of polystyrene pods. Steel reinforcing rods, plastic spacers, and concrete mix.

How RibRaft benefits you.

As RibRaft is a form of underfloor insulation, it impedes temperature change which helps you maintain a comfortable environment indoors, year-round. Furthermore, because less energy is required to heat and cool your house, you will spend less on power.

The efficiency of installing RibRaft means that time, labour, cost, and waste savings are made. This is because there is far less excavation and digging work involved.

Underfoor insulation
Ribraft Underfloor Insulation
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