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Home and Land FAQs

Construction work planning

Can I Change the Design

The design has been created to maximise the features of the section. The plans are all drawn up and engineered ready for the building consent. If you wish to change the plans we transfer you to our design and build option. (Costs apply) 

Price Tag

Are there going to be any cost increases?

Your contract price is fixed at the time of signing your contract and will not change unless you make any changes during the 30 day Inclusion and Colour review period.

White bathroom

Can I Change the Inclusions?

Once you sign your contract you have 30 days to review all the inclusions. If you decide to change anything we will do an adjustment to your building price.


How do Progress Payments Work?

The progress payments are set out in your contract. Progress payments include a deposit followed by a payment for the balance of your section cost. Then payments are billed as significant milestones are achieved during construction.

Paint Colors

Can I Change the Colour Scheme

Your building contract includes three hours with our colour consultant to review your colours. If you change anything we will do an adjustment to your building price.

Image by Andre Taissin

Tell me about the option of paying a deposit and a single payment on completion.

This typically works with a deposit of at least 10% of the contract price. Our lender then provides bridging finance which defers your next payment until your home is completed. Credit criteria applies and finance costs are added onto your final payment.

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